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Ready-made exclusive print design for women’s ready-to-wear brand. Handmade linear prints that are neat and yet give this handcrafted feeling that makes them different.

Rita Row

Made-to-measure print design for a sustainable women’s ready-to-wear brand. This print was hand-made created with Indian ink, acrylics and watercolours. An expressive floral with textured qualities that makes it iconic.


Ready-made exclusive print design. Nox is an activewear brand specialising in Padel apparel. These prints are the first allovers they ever had in their collections. The abstract watercoloured textured prints they chose give a lot of depth and personality to their sportswear garments.

Bowenque Project

Made-to-measure allover and positional print designs for a swimwear and resort summer collection. “The Sun and The Sea” was a collection inspired by Costa Brava geography, relating to natural elements such as wildflowers, stones, coastal rocks and special beaches in the area. Bikinis, tote bags and unisex t-shirts were the top products.

Irina Tosheva

Made-to-measure print design and embroidery design for women’s ready-to-wear. “OYA” is a collection inspired by Yüruks ancestral culture in North Macedonia. The floral prints created were based on the ones appearing in the traditional women’s dresses but with a contemporary and commercial twist.

Blue Bamby

Ready-made exclusive print design and branding universe for a women’s activewear brand. Bold and colourful prints make this sportswear brand be unique and powerful in visuals.

Maare Lifestyle

Ready-made print designs and branding universe development. Maare is a sustainable lifestyle brand that gravitates toward the sea concept. They chose exclusive ready-made designs from our print shop, and we adapted the colours to their needs for the collection. We also developed the brand identity, creating the logo, colours and other materials such as packaging, tags, labels, etc. A great example of an integral project that integrates all the parts of a fashion brand creation.

Believe Athletics

Made-to-measure t-shirt positional print design for a yoga & activewear brand for women. We played with the idea of what the brand name contains itself: be and live. Also, we went for a positive message, meaning that when you shine for yourself, you can transmit this energy to others, making your surroundings a better place to stay.

Eya Bach Slowfashion

Made-to-measure allover and positional print designs for a ready-to-wear women’s collection.“Oceania” was inspired by women and their connection with the sea and its organisms. Full of watercoloured textures, salt effects and microscopic-inspired line art.

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