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Purchase Conditions

1. Sunsmith always works with exclusive licenses, and at the moment of the purchase, the rights of each print sold will be transferred to the client.

2. Sunsmith will not provide the final high-quality design file until the entire payment is received. The client will be able to have a preview in low-res for its records, but that won’t be suitable for printing.

3. It will always be the client’s responsibility to order a printing swatch before printing on a larger scale. Any inconvenience caused by not ordering a swatch first or by a posterior client’s modification of the original file after the submission won’t be Sunsmith’s responsibility. 

4. In case there’s any flaw in the print original file which is visible during the swatching process, Sunsmith will amend it at no cost.

5.  If Sunsmith has not received the payment in 15 natural days due to the date of purchase, the print hold reservation will be released, and it will come back to the market to be sold to other potential clients.

6. The client has to be honest while referring to which market (fashion, interiors, etc.) the print will be used. In case the print is used in more than one market (fashion, interiors, etc.) Sunsmith will always apply the highest price rate. Any unfair and deceptive practices in terms of pricing will be reported to justice.

8.  The invalidity of a provision in this Contract will not affect the validity of the rest of the Contract.

9. Amendments to this document must be made in writing to be valid. This does not include individual agreements between the parties. However, for the purposes of documentation, such agreements must be annexed to it.

10. Any conflict derived, including any matter regarding its existence, validity, termination, interpretation or execution, will be definitively resolved via arbitration administered by the European Association of Arbitration, following its Regulations in force on the date on which the arbitration request is presented, and the concerned parties are aware of this. The concerned parties accept that the arbitration tribunal composed for such a purpose be made up of three Arbitrators. The language of the arbitration will be Spanish, and the arbitration proceedings will be held in Barcelona, Spain.